Love and Peace, Light



Crystals in time

Melting slow or swift

Like a poem in rhyme

A beauteous gift

Like life, you have to savor

NOW, before it disappears.

It's like the rainbow's flavor--

Only there 'til the weather clears
One of Those Days

Oily To Bed, Oily to Rise

There's really little worse than the furnace going out to greet you in the new year. Not only did it first create a small puddle--but big enough to blow the the house into orbit if caught and set the two 250-gallon tanks ablaze to help lift off. So clean up takes place and beginning New Years it's really difficult to find a repairman. Now clean up was done there wasn't much more to do than go the party. Next day it was a parts delivery followed by a pain in the ---- time of me fixing the thing. So if it's true that what you do the first day of the year is how the rest of your year goes this isn't going to be a year I'm looking forward to. Today should be the end of the fol-de-rol for this operation and in hopes the lore of olde isn't the truth of today. Not looking forward to Deirdre getting home and have to finish the thing over. Ya see the delivery part had the wrong size gasket so we improvised but it's only temporary and I really do not want to fix the seal every month or two.

So then I went back to sleep, having gotten up early to replace the filter so if it still leaked, we could get an expensive (holiday emergency rates) repair man in. The furnace had started up right away, and I was happy. Until I woke up cold, and realized that the process had left air in the line, and the furnace had gone out. Go get more oil on my hands bleeding the line. What a wonderful re-awakening.

So now it's Jan 2, and, as Deirdre was out for parts and and came across our friend and regular repairman, now there's a better chance that this time will fix it at least until we need a new filter. Hurray! Except there's that now I have to do the work (sigh). But this time I won't assume that the furnace starting up means I don't have to bleed the pipe before taking a nap!
Love and Peace, Light

Joyous Solstice To All!

I want to wish everyone a joyous Solstice!

Here is a poem I wrote a while back. I would have put it here without introduction, but it won't look right if I don't ramble a bit so it starts below my user icon!



He, She
She, He & Me
She, Herself
He, Himself
Me, Myself & I
He, She, Me & Ye
Me, Ye & Thee
She, He, Me, Ye, Thee & We
Ye, We, Thee & They
Me, She, He, They & We
Ye, We, Thee & They
We, He, They & Them
She, He, We, Me, They, Them & Their
Me, We, Them, They & Our
We, They, Them, Our & Your
Them, They, Our, Your, & You
Me, We, He, She, Our, You, Your,Their,They,Them,Thee & Ye
However mixed,
It’s all together.

Copyright©1999 Angelica Dawn 10/20/99
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Sacred Cliff

Upon a cliff what do I see
Nature’s sacred place there for me.
Where solitude I always find
And the life around me is kind.

I approach the hill, steps appear to me
When others follow me, they do not see.
People look and peer at me from below
How, upon what I sit, they do not know.

The soft fern comforts where I sit
Space around me, a perfect fit.
In this place I look to find peace
I find comfort, just like warm fleece.

Steps on which I rose faded to my sight;
When I became calm, they returned to light
I move from the cliff to the path below
To the cliff I look, the sacred place I know.

I know one day I will return
Then again I’ll sit upon fern.
Angelica Dawn ©2006 3/1/06